DSL BULG25 Bullet Strap

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• Handmade in Australia

• Highest quality genuine leather

• All leather double stitched for strength

• Top is tough but supple medium-weight leather

• Backing is top-quality full grain garment quality leather

• Features 25 .308 dummy bullets (primerless and powderless)

• 15mm padding

• 2.5” width

• Classic tough interweave tail for further strap length adjustment. Adjustable length 100cm to 148cm as standard

The DSL Bullet Straps feature x25 .308 (2.5” width) or .300 (3.5” width) dummy bullets. Bullets are primerless and powderless and completely inert. Special density 15mm foam is inserted between the top and backing in the “sweet spot” from the back shoulder-blade to the front shoulder, absorbing instrument weight and providing suspension for extended player comfort.

Each strap is handmade in Australia from hand-sourced highest quality leather. The top of each strap is made from tough but supple medium weight leather, while the backing is extra soft and comfortable full-grain garment quality leather.

A classic tough interweave tail is fitted for adjusting strap length.

2.5” width available in black or white leather.