Fender Hammertone Fuzz

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Fender Hammertone Fuzz

The Hammertone™ Fuzz captures the iconic splat, saturation and horn-like sustain used on the formative records of rock’n’roll history. Despite its small size, this purple-tinged, psychedelic stompbox is feature-packed with three classic controls, two silicon diodes and an octave fuzz mode – allowing you to recreate the legendary sounds of the ‘60s & ‘70s or forge your own unique tone.

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0k ohm

 ohm (Max)


9-Volt Center Negative AC Adaptor (Not Included)

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2.50x3.00x5.00 IN

2.2" (5.59 cm)

4.4" (11.18 cm)

2.44" (6.20 cm)