Seymour Duncan Psyclone Vintage Neck Gold

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The Seymour Duncan Psyclone Vintage pickups recreate the distinctive sound of the original Filter’Tron pickups of the fifties and sixties. Due to tighter pole spacing, low DCR, and strong magnetism, the tone falls somewhere between a PAF style humbucker and a single-coil – warm, clear, snappy, and sweet, making it the perfect complement for country, jazz, and classic rock. The neck pickup is designed to perfectly recreate the original Filter’Tron pickup spec from the fifties, while the bridge pickup is calibrated with a slightly hotter wind to balance output levels and create a fuller tone. Originally designed in our Custom Shop, we took special care when sourcing materials to ensure the look and fit of the pickups are perfect – whether you’re restoring a vintage guitar or dropping them in a modern classic. The Psyclone Vintage pickups are drop-in replacements for any guitar routed for Filter’Tron style pickups and include the correct hardware for either direct mount or pickup-ring mounting options. Psyclone pickups are hum-cancelling and use single conductor lead wire. Each Psyclone pickup is handmade in Santa Barbara, CA.