Seymour Duncan ZTL 1 Zephyr Silver Telecaster Lead

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The Zephyr series was born from a challenge issued to Vice President of Engineering Kevin Beller to come up with a pickup that wasn’t constrained by the usual considerations of costs or materials: just dream it, design it and build it. The result is a tone with unprecedented treble clarity, vibrant harmonics and incredible dynamics, where you guitar simply feels like it has more of everything. More highs, fuller yet tighter lows, fatter mids and greater responsiveness.The Zephyr Silver Tele lead pickup perfectly captures the familiar vintage Telecaster lead tone but takes it to a whole new level. This pickup has a unique snarly sparkle that allows for unprecedented articulation and dynamic sensitivity from the low strings, and allows you to seriously dig-in on the high strings for extra bite without any top-end harshness.The Zephyr Silver Tele Rhythm gives you the ultimate Tele pickup for playing harmonically rich, dynamic rhythms and finely-detailed single-note phrases. The high end has an airy Hi-Fi quality and the overall tone is more complex than regular Telecaster neck pickups.The sound is what immediately stands out about the Zephyr, but how we get there involves careful selection and implementation of the highest-quality materials available. We use silver wire – the only material with a lower CD resistance per unit length than copper (5.36%). Silver wire doesn’t boost highs and lows; it just does a better job of transmitting them. And silver’s softness compared to copper allows for an exceptionally even, neat coil form with increased immediacy whether you play with your pick or fingers. Alnico 5 pole pieces are used for classic Telecaster tone. Finally we use Cryogenic treatment which has been proven to enhance the detail available from audio equipment.We hope you’ll love the Zephyr Silver Pickups as much as we do. If you want the best for your tone, Zephyr pickups are a true investment in your tone.