GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement System 33 Step Process

 What is it?

GEniuS™ is the exclusive Guitar Enhancement System which carefully crafts, adjusts, fine tunes and optimizes your guitar to perform well beyond its factory specifications. 


How does it work?

Accredited GEniuS™ guitar technicians engage with you to fully understand and confirm your exact playing requirements.  Your technician then works through the 33-step process with your instrument.  The definitive prize is you get to unleash the ultimate guitar performance experience.


Where is GEniuS™ available?

This system is exclusive to Port Mac Guitars. We also have a pick-up and drop-off service available through our Sydney Partner Stores. 


Here are the enhancements you receive.


 1.    Check machine head function  18.    Tighten input jack
 2.    Tighten machine head screws and hex nuts  19.    Adjust pickup heights
 3.    Check nut height  20.    Balance Pickup volumes
 4.    Recut nut slots and lube  21.    Full electronic check
 5.    Check truss rod function  22.    Intonation adjustment
 6.    Adjust truss rod  23.    Set string heights
 7.    Fret assessment  24.    Bridge position
 8.    Smooth fret ends  25.    Check term bar fit
 9.    Fret dress with PLEK  26.    Full finish inspection and detail
 10.    Fret re-crown with PLEK  27.    Check knobs and switch tips
 11.    Fret polish  28.    Check case and accessories
 12.    Fretboard inspection  29.    Full acoustic and electric test play
 13.    Fretboard conditioning  30.    Acoustic saddle height adjustment
 14.    Neck alignment  31.    Check bridge pins
 15.    Neck bolt tightening  32.    Check top curvature and bracing
 16.    Tighten Strap pins  33.    Condition acoustic bridge 
 17.    Clean input jack