Guitar Repairs and Service


At Port Mac Guitars, we have a dedicated and trained staff of Guitar Technicians and Repairers on hand to handle any of your Guitar Repair related enquires. From fret dressing in our PLEK Machines and Refrets, repairing broken headstocks, reattaching bridges to acoustic guitars, to installing pickups and rewiring. We also offer a full range of guitar setup and servicing options as well installing replacement parts and other custom modifications.


A great setup is the very best way to get the most out of your guitar. We are able to setup your guitar to it's absolute best playability and also identify any underlying issues that may be effecting how well it plays. We can generally have your guitar setup within 24-48 hours depending on our workload. We can also arrange for a quicker turnaround if you are traveling from a distance to get to our store. Please call us in advance if this is required.  


For pricing information and more details please contact us HERE or feel free to call us on 02 65844066 to discuss your repair needs with our team. We look forward to assisting you!